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【代購】Startone Alto 色士風(可選初學套裝)


售價 $2,999.00 定價 $3,200.00

代購樂器優惠 現正進行🎉

Startone Alto Saxophone Set

Startone SAS-75 Alto Sax

✔️ SAS-75 Alto Sax

✦Tuning: Eb
✦With high F# key
With rocker arm
Adjustable thumb rest
Body and keys: Lacquered brass finish
Easy response & Balanced tone
Mouthpiece and case included

✔️SAS-75 Alto Sax 初學套裝

✦SAS-75 Alto Sax
✦6x Mouthpiece cushion (0.8mm) 
Saxophone cleaner cloth
✦Neck swab
✦5x Alto Sax Reed 2.0
✦Alto Sax Reed Guard (for 2)
✦Saxophone stand
✦Leather Carrying Strap